The Facts On Surrogacy For Gay Couples

Overview of the Surrogacy Process for Gay Men and Couples

The following guide will outline the Georgia surrogacy process that gay men and couples use to have children of their own.

1. To begin your journey to parenthood, gay men and couples could begin by contacting one of the many in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics or surrogacy agencies that have experience in this process. IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies work very closely with each other and will be able to provide excellent references.

Many couples choose to begin with the surrogacy agencies — no matter where you go be sure that all your questions and concerns are addressed to your satisfaction.

2. Make sure that you, and if you are a couple, your partner are well aware of each aspect of the IVF and surrogacy time line, process and procedures you will encounter.

3. If you are a couple, be sure you have decided which parent will provide the sperm. It is also possible to have both partners provide the sperm –having half the eggs fertilized by one partner and half by the surrogate adoption

In this case, one embryo from each partner can be planted into the surrogate mother for gestation. A physical examination and sperm analysis will be done on anyone providing sperm as well as a review of that individual’s medical records.

4. A surrogate may be found through the IVF clinic or surrogacy agency, or you may select a surrogate from someone you know.

5. Egg Donors are often chosen from among the family members or friends, however these can also be found through the clinic or agency, that keeps a database of possible donors and surrogates. The traditional method chooses one woman to be the egg donor, surrogate mother for gestation and is artificially inseminated as opposed to IVF.

In other cases, the egg donor is anonymous. In these cases all communications and arrangements will be done through the agency.

6. Once you have found a surrogate that you feel just right about, it is time to head on over to the law offices and have your contract drawn up by a qualified attorney. It is very important that you select a surrogacy attorney with experience in the field of surrogacy law. Funds must be provided to the surrogate for her fees and expenses throughout the gestation and contract period –most often these will be in a trust fund.

Most surrogacy agencies will be able to help you in this regard –it may also be prudent to draw up legal contracts for the egg donor you choose to work with, if she is anonymous or not.

7. If at this point you have not already found a reliable IVF clinic to work with, search our directory for an extensive list of options for clinics near you.

8. Time to collect the medical records from the egg donor and the gestational surrogate and deliver these to the IVF clinic. Again, if all the arrangements for egg donors and surrogates has been done through the agency, this will be handled by them.

gay adoption with surrogacy9. Prior to the IVF, you the parent along with the surrogate and possibly the surrogate’s partner will undergo some counseling to orient all parties to the process and remove any uncertainty. This will often be through the surrogacy agency –use this to sign any consent forms and review the process together.

10. The egg donor and gestational surrogate will be given contraceptives and hormones to synchronize their cycles in preparation for IVF.

11. Six to nine weeks after the hormones have been administered, the eggs will be taken from the donor to be fertilized in the lab and implanted into the surrogate.

12. Two weeks after the eggs have fertilized and implanted, a blood exam will be administered to the gestational surrogate to verify pregnancy.

13. Three weeks after the first positive blood test has been taken, a ultra sound will be performed to confirm the presence of a growing embryo. If the surrogate is not in need of clinical attention her care will be transferred to her obstetrician for the duration of the gestation.

14. For the rest of the pregnancy the surrogate will be in the care of their obstetrician, you will be able to negotiate the level of participation you and your partner have in this period with the surrogate.

15. The Birth of your Child. Huge Congratulations .

Benefits and Dangers About HCG Diet

Benefits and Dangers About the Secret to Weight Loss

What if you were told that there is a secret to weight loss? Something simple, amazing, easy to do and can help you lose the extra weight. A method that will help you lose that tummy fat and fix your metabolism system.

This means that you will not have to deal with weight related conditions ever again. This sounds great? Read on and learn about it.

All you have to do is avoid any junk or processed foods from any company, get rid of artificial sweeteners, flour and white sugars – this simply means you will be adopting a diet that is 100% organic.

Making sure that you take huge portions of salads at supper and lunch. Then you inject yourself with a special solution. This is a diet program that most people have been waiting for in Canton, GA.

hcg diet drops

This program is called the HCG diet. If you live in Canton, Georgia and do not know about it, it’s not your fault at all.

There are people who claim that this program is so effective that some governments have been working on covering as it would solve all weight related conditions. This would edge out some pharmaceutical companies out business.

Human Chronic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a natural home that is produced during pregnancy. It is produced by the placenta and its role is to maintain progesterone production during the pregnancy period. Some roles of hCG is to break down some abdominal fat and convert them to energy that is used during the fetus development.

This is a process that doctors say it increases the rate of metabolism of the mother.
The fact that HCG can increase the rate of metabolism has been the foundation of hypothesized HCG as a solution to weight loss.

In the year 1950 Dr. Albert Simeons developed a weight loss program that involved people injecting themselves with hCG hormone. He claimed that the hormone will help break down stored fats, increase the rate of metabolism and promote weight loss.

There have been a lot of reviews done on this hCG. People are also expressing doubts on how just injecting yourself with a natural hormone could help you lose weight. Experts say any low-cab diet will help you lose weight and hCG has nothing to with any of this.

hcg diet results

The safest HCG diet in Canton, GA offers will allow you to take up to 500 calories daily for the next 2 months while injecting yourself with HCG.

You can take homeopathic products – oral drops or sprays. These are products that are available at your local store. Most of the products are not approved by FDA to be used in weight loss programs.

The HCG shots are legal as long as they are administered by a licensed medical weight loss health care professional in Canton.

It is very hard to stick with the 500 calories limit daily. It is very uncomfortable to live with a diet that limits you to less than calories daily. It is actually dangerous medical experts say. With the diet you might not get enough proteins in your body. If you get less than 1200 calories daily, you will not get enough minerals and vitamins.

Massage Therapy For Better Health

The Top Reasons Why Therapeutic Massage Relieves Pain And Stress

While everyone loves to have a therapeutic massage, very few people truly understand the science behind this healing art.

But there’s really no denying it: getting a massage is a popular form of relaxation in the world. According to a report, in 2006 over 39 million people in the United States – that’s one in six adults – had at least one session of one-on-one massage therapy session.

According to some massage therapists, people are getting a massage not just for relaxation. They’re using massage as an effective treatment for various conditions, including back discomfort, anxiety, joint disease, insomnia, headaches, blood circulation problems, and recovery from the sports injuries.massage therapy for healthy living

Whenever you can’t reach a massage therapist, you may still reap most of the advantages of this age-old healing practice — with your personal hands.

Several massage experts have blog out there for simple, self-massage techniques that contain the very best soothing rubs and pressure-point programs that massage has to offer.

So, what is the magic behind massage therapy? It has everything to do with the release of release hormones that work as the body’s natural painkiller.

There is no denying the energy of bodywork. No matter the adjectives we assign into it or even the reasons we seek it (a lavish treat, to reduce stress, discomfort management), therapeutic massage is an effective ally in to maintain your health. Massage strokes relax your muscles and, in addition, relax your mind. It’s not unusual for people to feel more centered and clear-headed after getting a massage.

Constant research shows the benefits of touch therapy (another name for massage) for overall health. Aside from relaxation, a massage can deal with chronic illness, injuries, and nerve disorders by relieving tensions in the body.

As a result, the medical field is taking steps to adopt massage therapy. As of the moment, massage is a fundamental service in hospice treatments and neonatal intensive care models.

Many hospitals will also be implementing in house massage therapists as well as spas to assist with post-surgery or patients who are in the recovery process.

relaxing massageGetting a massage can give you an enormous amount of health benefits. And getting a massage more often can do so much more than one session can. This is actually the great thing about a massage therapy.

Getting involved in this type of self-care will affect how healthy you will be and just how youthful you’ll remain with each passing year. Budgeting money and time for a massage therapy at consistent times is really a good investment for your health.

Don’t forget: Just because a massage is an indulging treat, it does not mean it is non-therapeutic. Consider massage visits an essential bit of your overall health plan, and work with your specialist to determine a schedule that best meets your requirements, especially if you are treating yourself to a specific condition.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t make extra for a professional therapist, apply some self-massage techniques. You will find many blogs and videos out there that teach you how to massage yourself.

With practice, you will find that it’s just as effective for reducing stress and improving your health. How do you do self-massage? Here’s one technique: Close your eyes. Put your thumbs beneath your eye brows, in the inside corner of every eye socket. Press and move your thumbs slowly in small circles, working gradually to the eye brows the bridge of the nose. This technique is to treat tired eyes.

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